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"Dyslexia Dictionary that finds words...
...by the way they sound!"

Four Resource Tools in One

Based upon the book, "Gabby's Wordspeller & Phonetic Dictionary"

Virtually spells for you!

Throw the rules for the English language out the window and locate over 100,000 words by how they sound!

No matter how you spell it, this wordspeller will find it within the first 2-4 letters!

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Wordspeller mentioned in new dyslexia study!

A Mobile Application for Displaying More Accessible eBooks for People with Dyslexia
Luz Rello, Gaurang Kanvinde, Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Considering our contributions, there are two areas of related work:
 (a) mobile applications for users with dyslexia and
 (b) usability tests, guidelines and methods used to determine dyslexic-friendly recommendations.

Among the mobile applications for users with dyslexia there are: games; spell checkers such as Wordspeller and Phonetic Dictionary, Phone Apps for Spelling which convert phonetic spelling to proper spelling; ...

Read more at Academia.edu

Wordspeller Phontic Dictionary Cover

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"Wordspeller & Phonetic Dictionary" is designed to allow you to misspell your word and spell the word by how it sounds to you. Offers homophones, similar word spellings along with suffixes & prefixes all spelled out. Specifically designed for ESL, EFL and Dyslexics.

This 2015 edition combines American English misspelled word database with a Spanish misspelled word database (two dictionaries in one). The text in this edition is layed out vertically/standard layout.



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”Gabbys Wordspeller ESL & other Phonetic Dictionaries” are designed to allow you to misspell your word by how it sounds to you. Offers homophones, confusable word spellings along with definitions, suffixes & prefixes all spelled out. Specifically designed for ESL, EFL and Dyslexics.

Gabby's newly released 2020 edition combines American English misspelled word database with a Spanish misspelled word database (two dictionaries in one). The text in this edition is layed out horizontally.


5 Stars

"I don't approve items for sale for my school districts. But this book will be an excellent tool for my students, you have my permission to introduce this book to all the schools."

Dr. Tony D. Smith, Superintendent, Oakland Unified School District, CA

"I want you to take this book to all the schools in my district."

Dr. Garn Christensen, Superintendent, Eastmont School District, WA

"What a wonderful, wonderful book! Thank you for thinking of the so many kids who do struggle. I tell people I am bilingual..I speak fluent Middle-Class Language....topics, vocabulary, experiences etc. to convey how important it is to create shared understanding and authentic opportunities to learn and grow."

Dr. Donna Beegle, Educational Leadership, Portland, WA

"Diane, your book is a wonderful idea for children learning to read/spell...at first whole language may seem to be successful in teaching children to read. In essence, however, this look-say approach teaches children to read by memorizing one word at a time. It does not teach them how to break the code for reading any book in English - or for spelling any word."

Dr. Candace De Russy, "The Phonics Counter-Revolution

"...This reference book should be in every school library, in every classroom and at home on every student's desk. It is the key to independence for every learner."

Abigail Marshall, Davis Dyslexia Association, International

"As a high school English teacher for 14 years, I watched students struggling to look up a word in the dictionary to determine its spelling. Because our language is rarely phonetic, they needed to know the spelling of the word in order to look it up! I encouraged Diane in this daunting endeavor because I knew the need was great. Now I have "Gabby's Wordspeller Phonetic Dictionary" in my office so I can demonstrate to those who struggle with spelling. I have even found it valuable myself on occasion when I have been "stuck" on a word and "spell check" is not helping! I highly recommend this book for those who struggle with spelling the English language as well as for those who occasionally get "stuck" with spelling."

Marlene Inverso, O. D., M. S. Education, Reading Specialist and LearningConsultant


"I just received the Wordspeller phonetic dictionary. This is exactly what I was hoping for! It is a resource I will keep close at hand for ever. Well actually, I'll leave it at my office desk as that is where I have the most urgent and most frequent need to figure out how to spell something correctly. Thanks a million."

Bruce Reid, Engineer, Bellingham, WA

"Thank you for all your compassionate effort..."

Valentine Bolam Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, UK, Fellow Labourer at the English Literacy Coalface

"I have passed out all but two books from the case I ordered and that just because the person they were to go to are out today. Everyone that sees them has been extremely excited. Goose bumps occurred on several occasions! Several students have used their whole class period looking up words. One even stated, "Look, we can now spell dyslexic when we tell people what we have. Great day!!! Thanks so much!"

Valarie, Teacher at Early Middle School, TX

"For some children it certainly is a useful resource in the classroom. Many children think and spell the way the dictionary is set up. The most favorable quality about this type of reference book is that some children try to look up words as they sound, not as they are spelled. The size and vertical text style was certainly manageable for my fifth grade students, in fact several of them commented on how much they liked the way the book was set up...I would recommend this dictionary for kids in grade 3 and up. Third graders want everything to be spelled correctly but often are just moving from the 'sound it out' stage. This dictionary lets them sound it out while discovering the correct spelling of the word... The best quality of this book is that kids can look up words by the sounds they hear. The kids thought it was 'cool' that the book was printed 'sideways'. It made it easy for them to flip through to find the starting letter of their word."

Robin Sage & Susan Habersetzer & Marie Godsey

5th grade teachers, Skyline Elementary, Tacoma, WA


"Hi Diane, I bought your book for my daughter who has always had a hard time in school spelling, she was even in special ed classes for reading and writting. She saw your book and had to have one. When her boyfriend saw it he liked it too. These are kids in their 20's who are using your book for college classes. Thank you so much for the help you have given them with your book. I feel the more people who know and use the book the better. Most important to me is that it helped my daughter and I cannot thank you enough! You did a great job! It may take time but I feel your book will be a regular like the dictionary and the thesaurus books!"

Kary Foltz, Parent, Laytonville, CA

"I do use the first edition (Gabby's Wordspeller Phonetic Dictionary) all the time. It really is a remarkable book."

Gail Wieczorek, Follett Corporation Companies

"A while ago, I got in touch with Diane Frank, who authored Gabby's Wordspeller & Phonetic Dictionary...my interest in the book stems from my own search for a means for students to gain access to the correct spelling of some words when no outside help is available."

Michael A. Gyori, Maui International Language School

"We would like to contract with i.m.Press for publication and distribution rights through our university, now located in over 30 latin countries."

Directora General, Department of Publicaciones, Universidad de Colima, Colima, MX


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