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"Find your word within seconds...
...by the way it sounds!"

Four Resource Tools in One

Based upon the book, "Gabby's Wordspeller & Phonetic Dictionary"

Virtually spells for you!

Throw the rules for the English language out the window and locate over 60,000 words... by how they sound!

No matter how you spell it, this wordspeller will find it within the first 2-4 letters!

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Wordspeller mentioned in new dyslexia study!

A Mobile Application for Displaying More Accessible eBooks for People with Dyslexia
Luz Rello, Gaurang Kanvinde, Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Considering our contributions, there are two areas of related work:
 (a) mobile applications for users with dyslexia and
 (b) usability tests, guidelines and methods used to determine dyslexic-friendly recommendations.

Among the mobile applications for users with dyslexia there are: games; spell checkers such as Wordspeller and Phonetic Dictionary, Phone Apps for Spelling which convert phonetic spelling to proper spelling; ...

Read more at Academia.edu

Gabby's Wordspeller™ Book Cover

Gabby's Wordspeller & Phonetic Dictionary

"Gabby's Wordspeller & Phonetic Dictionary" is primarily designed to allow the user to locate their word by the way it sounds (phonetically). As a resource tool, she enables the user with the ability to not only locate their word within seconds - but, as a phonetic dictionary, qualifies as being suitable for ESL, EFL and Dyslexics.



5 Stars 19 April 2011

Wordspeller is a great tool for struggling spellers!
This is a cool app for those that struggle with spelling. Not only does it generate the correct spelling for you, it will provide you with the definition.

If you have students that are phonetic spellers, this is a great app to have! Enable VoiceOver on your iOS device, and it will read the definition and correct spelling to your students! by rsu21atspec - Version 1.2



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